Friday, November 1st, 2013

Cafe's Ingenuity Almost Makes You Forget Sanitary Violations

And maybe Bugs."A clever barista turned the Astor Row Cafe’s 'B' rating into a more desirable offering, mixing it with some ingredients from the alphabet to serve up 'brunch.'"
This is great, except for the part where I'm going to hear it as "bee-runch" in my head from now on, and also I guess the part about the "evidence of mice or live mice." I mean, I'm not saying I live in conditions that are any better. It's New York, there's always something creeping around there in the dark. [Photo via]


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Mike_B (#239,283)

Great comedian Todd Glass had a bit about a restaurant getting a D rating and putting a sign that says "elicious" next to it.

SkinnyNerd (#224,784)

In the era of Rudy Giuliani, I worked in a restaurant that had baseball bats by the door leading to the basement. These bats were to be used on the rats by the busboys on their journeys downstairs to bring up various foodstuffs. Restaurant inspectors came and went, and never did the restaurant receive a violation. Campaign season came around, and Rudy comes into the restaurant with the accompanying media circus. The rats are dancing downstairs. The restaurant has a clean bill of health. The rat upstairs shook some hands, smiled for the cameras, and had a quick bite. The owner was all smiles. The media bought it. The show was over. Everybody was enjoying their meal. A restaurant grade is only as good as the inspectors that grade it. Enjoy your "A" rated meals. They might just be "A"stounding but you will never know.

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