Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Are You Using This Correct Word?

Look, when couples in Cobble Hill start calling their children "Amongst" then we can complain. Until then, chill out, it is just a word.


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GiovanniGF (#224)

"Betwixt" for girls.

Sort of fascinating, but when did Slate get rid of comments on pieces such as this? I was looking forward to the "kids these days" complainers.

Jinxie (#240,695)

@happymisanthrope It's certainly better for your mental health if you DON'T read them, but they're still there! Just hidden, thanks to the terrible, terrible redesign. Click on the little maroon circle at the top of the post, next to the Twitter button.

@Jinxie Thanks!

Jinxie (#240,695)

@happymisanthrope You're welcome, I guess, though if I really wanted to be helpful I would've kept that knowledge to myself. No one ever needs to read the Slate comments on anything.

oldtaku (#9,009)

Whom is saying this?

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