Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

2009 Wasn't All Rampant Misery And Despair

"The last Guinness World Record set of people wearing zany costume eyewear was in 2009, when 4,436 people wore Groucho Marx spectacles in Chicago."

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As someone whose last paycheck for the foreseeable future is Friday, I painfully relate to this alt text.

Re: alt-text, I was recently trying to find Choire's September-ish 2008 Radar long-form writeup of the housing market meltdown and was disappointed, though not shocked, to find that it's not been archived in an easily accessible location on the Wayback Machine.

glasstwizzlestix (#242,762)

2009 was the year I heard about the launch of a new project by a couple editors whose promise I regarded with a sort of warm excitement and curiosity, the years since unequivocally confirming that, to my delight, adding their venture to my regular online reading/media consumption regimen would ultimately pan out to be an un-regrettable investment of my time. (It's clear that the 'project' referred to is this very site, of course, yeah?)

(2009 was also a year of crippling indecision, whereby the fear of/failure of commitment to a registered screen name would, in the years following, ultimately pan out to a resulting regrettable commenter number, but in cases like this, one is inevitably confronted with the question, is the price of shame and embarrassment resulting from the display of ones regrettable commenter number worth the benefit of being able to share ones earnest appreciation for something that has added genuine value to boundaries of the internet and routine delight to the course of ones day? Of course with the answer you already see coming, I speak for thousands, but nevertheless, let's have it said: Sure, why the hell not. :) Cheers, and happy anniversary, Awl.)

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