Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Nocturnal Jester Creepy Even For Britain

Don't be afraid, the clown's afraid too"A sinister looking clown has been stalking the streets at night in a town north of London, becoming an online sensation and sparking a hunt for the person behind the mask…. While the clown looks terrifying, so far it has only been spotted waving creepily at residents and standing on street corners holding a bunch of balloons and sometimes a teddy bear."
—It's the teddy bear part that really does it for me. Maybe it's the "at night" part. Anyway, this being the world in which we live now, "The clown's Facebook page has more than 21,000 likes and users have posted numerous photos of it lurking around the town." [Via]

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LondonLee (#922)

I was watching Hot Fuzz the other night and this line (of many) stuck with me: "If we don't clamp down on these clowns now we'll be up to our balls in jugglers!"

This is what happens when people aren't afraid of being shot.

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