Friday, August 23rd, 2013

"Nothing's Shocking" Is 25

25 years ago today, Jane's Addiction released their first studio album, and for the brief window of time before, uh, "Seattle," they were the alternative to the hair-heavy metal-medium sound of the day. That is probably hard to remember, since it was 25 years ago. 25 years. There are people you work with right now who just turned 25. And here you are talking about some record that is younger than they are. Is death far off? No, no it is not. Anyway, the lyrics to "Up the Beach" remain my favorite Perry Farrell poetry of all, but I tend to like the simpler things in life. This record is still pretty good! Although I'm sure you young people today with all your hoppy-hop and screechy robot noises find it quaint and unlistenable. Eh, someday it'll happen to you too, assuming we don't all die in a fire before your generation has the chance to get old, which, given the way things are going, is not the most sound of assumptions. Where was I? I forget.

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SidAndFinancy (#4,328)

Have we forgotten Camper Van Beethoven? Or do they get no respect because of Cracker?

brad (#1,678)

@SidAndFinancy – i plan on taking a skinhead bowling later on this afternoon. so, no, we haven't forgotten.

dialectric (#6,128)

I've been keeping up on awl bear news but not on olds music reminiscence – was the Surfer Rosa / Pixies 25th already covered?

Also, "hoppy-hop and screechy robot noises" is probably the most accurate discription of Skrillex I've seen.

Pave2112 (#247,389)

Damn….missed the Slanted and Enchanted 20th last year.

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