Thursday, August 29th, 2013

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Nice try.

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jolie (#16)

Oh my God the way it trails off right at the end. THE DANG! Oh that fearsome dang. (I inspected some elements and found the rest of it, don't worry, your words were not wasted.)

Poor 'Putey. But! Labor Day is as good a time as any to lose a beloved machine, what with the nature of sales being what they are.

@jolie RIGHT?!?!?!? Fucking poetry, that.

Think Alex is a Mac or a PC?

jolie (#16)

@Clarence Rosario Alex is a StarTAC

@jolie TRS-80.

iwantyrskull (#1,706)

ditto on THE DANG. i live for the alt texts.

glasstwizzlestix (#242,762)

I do not know how to 'inspect some elements to find the rest of it' (or the rest of any of the longer mouseover popups that cut off, for that matter), so unless I can solve this puzzle, my morning now has to feel incomplete. HOW DOES IT END??

jolie (#16)

Right click on the link and select the 'Inspect Element' option. Or just wait for a kindly old lady to cut and paste it into a comment box for you.

A couple of terrible things happened to me yesterday, but the only one that is really relevant to your interests, reader of these texts which appear when you hover over the link much like the spirit of God hovered over the water at the beginning of Creation, is that my computer died. It was nearly 4 and had a full life, so I can't be too broken up (unless my MP3s are irretrievable, in which case I will be SEVERELY PISSED and also angry at myself for not immediately backing up everything) but I am still stuck with a terrible old model on which the spacebar requires an almost uncomfortable level of force before it registers the idea that its user wants to indicate the end of one word and a brief pause before the commencement of a new one until I can pick out the next machine from which I will convey these missives. So if this is the last alt-text for a while, it is not because I stopped loving you; rather it is because I love you too much to subject you to subtext thatlookslikethis, which is definitely the danger. Anyway, I'm off tomorrow, so if we don't talk have a great Death of Summer, see you in September.

@jolie – At first I thought Balk was going for a bit of DFW-type action. But instead it appears he was simply constructing an elaborate (or not so elaborate) puzzle box within which to hide an inversion of the "Summer of Death"™.

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