Monday, June 10th, 2013

'New York Review Of Books': Founded By Canny Capitalist Opportunists

"What happened was this: there was a great newspaper strike in New York in the autumn of 1962, and my friend Jason Epstein, an editor at Random House, had the inspiration — which he imparted to the poet Robert Lowell and his wife Elizabeth Hardwick — that this was the one time in history that you could start a book review without a penny, since all the publishing houses had no place to advertise their new books. No New York Times Book Review. Jason and I knew that, if we started a plausible book review, then all the publishers would simply have to take a page. They had to show their authors that they were publishing books."
Here's an interview with Robert Silvers.

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Mr. B (#10,093)

I just got my commemorative facsimile-first-issue in the oldfangled mailbox! It includes Robert Lowell's obit for Robert Frost!

So "the opposite of The New Inquiry" means "a good magazine," right? Or does TNI also have personal ads for dowagers?

Zach_Swift_Maher (#6,842)

'About the LRB'


The London Review of Books was founded in 1979, during the year-long lock-out at the Times. For the first six months, it appeared marsupially in the New York Review of Books. In May 1980, the London Review of Books jumped out of the parental pouch and became a fully independent literary paper.

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