D.C. Sinkhole Provides Comic Relief For Weary Vatican Watchers

It’s tough to imagine a news cycle more exciting than waiting for a gaggle of old men in white dresses who are quietly thinking about consensus (and decades-long organized coverups of global pedophilia rings operated by the Catholic Church), but a miracle has occurred in Washington, D.C., to turn our attention away from the Vatican: There is a sinkhole in the Adams Morgan neighborhood. We know, we know, How could anyone tell?

The reaction has been as fast as it has been snide.

Ha ha, you get it, because of fiscal socialism?! This was tweeted by a person who spends literally all her time thinking and blogging and tweeting about what happens in D.C. Let this be a lesson to our younger readers: Do what you love, not what you hate!

Sorry, Silvia, but that’s the wrong sinkhole. Florida IS a sinkhole, amirite?