Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Where British People Keep Their Spare Knives

"The annual Shed of the Year competition to search for the UK’s most wacky and wonderful sheds is underway." Are there photos, you ask? Are there photos? Why, gentle reader, there is a whole PHOTOGALLERY.

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jolie (#16)

One of those sheds was a wedding gift. BRB, updating my registry.

Amphora (#231,928)

This is amazing. Phil Collins' shed! And number eight: "Rog's Housetree, not a treehouse. Note: tree in house, not house in tree."

"Research by Cuprinol has revealed that we’re a nation of shed fanatics with 65 per cent of British adults owning a shed and as many as 6 per cent of them admitting that they want to be buried in their sheds."

BadUncle (#153)

Some of us can get by with simply a deck box with reclaimed stained glass windows to add that extra hobbit feel.

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