Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

In the Future, All Publications Will Be Inside All Other Publications

What's possibly in these "full syndication" deals for publications taking their material to other publications? We find most of them don't do us much good, with a few exceptions. (One good exception being partial syndication with some Huffington Post sections, particularly Business.) More and more, publications are throwing up their hands and just going with it. Syndication, once a brave act of sucking it all in for free, is now just the machines at work, folding the layer cake that is the Internet into itself over and over again. For example?

This is how a Slate story appears on Huffington Post.

I was like, where am I. Also, I was like, HOW DO I GET TO THIS STORY ON SLATE? I could not.

This is how that Slate story appears on Slate.

So far, Slate-Slate is performing better on Twitter, while Slate-Huffington Post is performing best on Facebook.

What's even more jarring is that Slate looks better on the Huffington Post than it does on Slate.

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Murgatroid (#2,904)

So can we hide Thought Catalog inside a publication that's already inside a publication, etc.?

deepomega (#1,720)

It's like a fig newton! Or pizza Combos!

gregorg (#30)

As someone who has covered the Johns-Rauschenberg colabo closet for several years now, this was exactly the kind of knuckleheaded art story I'd expect from HuffPo. So on brand.

The show itself, however, is as groundbreaking as one might expect from MoMA. It's somehow the first 2-man show these guys have ever had. The closest precursor being MoMA's 3-man installation last year that included Bob's other "friend" and collaborator at the time, Cy Twombly.

SkinnyNerd (#224,784)

Somebody needs to think the "my S" campaign, as every time I read it, it comes out, "my ass."

stuffisthings (#1,352)

Is there a way to set up a feed where I only see Huffpo stories as the collection of tags on that story, and no actual headline or text? Those things are miniature works of art.

stuffisthings (#1,352)

@stuffisthings Actually could we have a new Awl spinoff where Ken finds strange stock art and attaches it to bundles of Huffpo article tags? NEW MEDIA INNOVATION

blergh (#177,628)

Not on topic at all to the HuffPo versus Slate thing, but to the actual art on display at MoMA… it's not a special exhibition. It's just the way the permanent collection happens to be hung currently or, in artspeak, a rotation. It's the same room on the 4th floor where Johns/ Rauschenberg/ Twombly (sometimes) usually can be seen.

MoMA rotates the permanent collection fairly frequently: not everything, obviously, and it's usually subtle changes (a painting or two are swapped out), because they can. Stuff goes on loan, stuff goes to conservation, or a curator decides it's time to see something different. The room with Pollock, Newman, etc. on the 4th floor have been changed fairly frequently in the last year as well. And the current Johns/Rauschenberg thing has been tinkered with a few times since Canyon arrived.

So, yeah, I guess this is about HuffPo/Slate thing because it's has nothing at all to do with what is actually happening in the galleries.

davidwatts (#72)

I always say I "have contributed to The Atlantic" since I had a story syndicated there. Is that full-on lying enough that I should stop? Update: I stopped already.

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