Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Did You Accidentally Fertilize An Egg During Hurricane Sandy, Thereby Bringing About The End Times?

Are you pregnant now, and in your second trimester? Then you are obviously the most selfish human in the world, and your terribleness will bring forth a child of great evil, who will shower devastation upon the country and usher in a new dark era of rising tides and a catastrophe of the climate.

Oh, wait, that was happening anyway? Cause and effect is so COMPLICATED. Sorry, no, your baby is fine! As you were! I'll buy it a nice cashmere blanket that it can barf on.

But apparently people were traipsing up and down stairs with buckets of water, people were watching their kitty cats float away, and what were you doing? Sex, that's what, according to this tenuously sourced tabloid claim. And so a herd of babies are prepared to bust forth this summer! Just like the 9/11 baby boom! Oh wait, that did not exist. No such thing. So, like the blackout baby booms! Oh gosh, hold on, those don't exist either. No. Never mind.

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I was conceived in a period of great darkness.

Choire, what did you do wrong that you've got the Baby Beat now? Is Alex punishing you?

deepomega (#1,720)

@Clarence Rosario Choire's actually pregnant.

My parents were in New England during Hurricane Carol (August, '54) and I was born in May '55. It might be a weird reason to come into the world, but it can't be any worse than say, a some misguided urges caused by a tew foo many Appletinis and a Netflix streaming of "Love, Actually". I'll take chaos and destruction over that any day.

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