Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Pulp, "After You"

A reunited Pulp spent the winter holidays playing shows on a cruise ship called the S.S. Coachella (uhh …) but also got together with LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy to record this perfect disco-hopping/shopping track called "After You." And here it is, in all its cheesy-synth-hook droll Jarvis Cocker glory.

Released on Boxing Day, but apparently not yet for sale, the song is the first new thing released by Pulp in a decade. Also, on the cruise ship, Jarvis did Power Point presentations on the songwriting process and James Murphy led a wine-tasting class.

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djbsquared (#4,729)

Just for the record, this track was one of Pulp's demos about 10 years ago, the recent part is the James Murphy production on a new recording of it. Sadly, I think Jarvis said it isn't an indicator of anything new being thought of or put together.

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