Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Evil Hamburger Clown Giving British Kids Books Instead Of Toys

The eightfold path to obesity and diabetes.
"A little portion of literacy is set to be served up alongside the cheeseburgers and fries at McDonald's after the fast food chain committed to giving away 15 million books with its Happy Meals over the next two years [...] McDonald's has now committed to a new, long-term campaign backed by the National Literacy Trust."
The cheap plastic toys in Happy Meals have been the targets of bans in San Francisco. McDonald's stores in Britain are getting ahead by replacing the toys with cheap books.

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hershmire (#233,671)

Well, at least they'll enjoy good literature in their drastically-shortened obese existences.

roboloki (#1,724)

i wonder what book they will give away.

LondonLee (#922)

I know we're supposed to hate Chik-Fil-A but they give away books with their kid's meals. I find it hard to totally hate them because of this (plus I like the waffle fries)

PoignancySelz (#238,693)

@LondonLee "Hamburger Hill?"

deepomega (#1,720)

Sorry, but novels are contributing to the national mind-rot even more than toys. I demand a nonfiction option for my kids' happy meals.

libmas (#231)

Buddha McDonald up there looks happy to share enlightenment.

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