Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Donald Fagen Is 65

Mr. Donald Jay Fagen, solo artist and lead singer of one of the most bizarrely polarizing bands in pop history, turns 65 today. You hate Steely Dan, fine, I'm sure you have your reasons, based on whatever kind of ignorance and impressionability guides your decision making process, but I happen to be a fan of the man and, spoiled with choice for what to put here on his birthday, I've gone with this. But, really, it could have been anything.

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bazilli (#5,189)

I originally thought the headline said "Donald Faison is 65," and was scared. Now everything's cool.

SuperMargie (#1,263)

"The Night Fly" is the only album I have had on almost every music medium. Album, cassette, CD and downloaded, and it would have been 8 track as well, but I am too young by a nosehair. Love that man.

barnhouse (#1,326)

I too love Steely Dan, but don't really know his work after that. It's his aloofness I daresay that put(s) people off(?)

Ralph Haygood (#13,154)

@barnhouse Listening to his lyrics and reading his essays, I understand Fagen as a nerdy, shy, Jewish boy who has never, in his inner psyche, regarded himself as a rock star, occasional bursts of bravado notwithstanding. He remarked somewhere that if he hadn't been a musician, he'd probably have been an English professor.

You might find his solo work interesting, among other reasons because it's less steely – detached, sardonic, etc. – than his work with Becker; it has a more personal touch. (Interestingly enough, that's true of Becker's solo work too.)

alorsenfants (#139)

He's such a smartypants — I have always admired him too… I just wish you could have waited a few more hours into today to reveal this information. I bet The Donald (I call him that — he's the real one) doesn't want to hear about how old he has gotten to be at 9 in the morning either?!!! (Of course it is speaking volumes about how old we all are!)

Goto Tengo@facebook (#232,749)

That's 'Onald Fagen
She don't remember the King of Soul
It's hard times befallen
The sole survivors
She thinks I'm crazy
But I'm just growing old

Brunhilde (#1,225)

I've had Can't Buy a Thrill playing in a loop in my head for a week now. I guess it's better than the time I had America's 'Sister Golden Hair' stuck in my head for 2 months.

BadUncle (#153)

I didn't realize Steely Dan was polarizing. I thought I was the only ogre who disliked everything about them except their name.

Ralph Haygood (#13,154)

And he's still singularly brilliant. I don't like everything on "Sunken condos," which came out less than three months ago, but I think some of it (e.g., "Miss Marlene") is as good as anything Fagen's ever done.

Notwithstanding their last outing's apocalyptic tendencies, I'm still hoping Fagen and Becker will pull themselves together for at least one more album. When they're gone, I'm pretty sure there won't be any more like them.

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