Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Alcohol Improves World's Most Boring "Sport"

The Wall Street Journal had to send someone all the way to Minnesota to report out the story that fishing is only tolerable when you're drunk.


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Pop Socket (#187)

If then.

oldtaku (#9,009)

Yellowtail fishing is not like ice fishing. You zoom around looking for a kelp paddy, everyone pops some lines in repeatedly casting up and down (sinker) or out and back (surface) and those suckers fight like hell. If you're lucky everyone on the boat is on at once and now you're all trying to avoid tangling each others lines as the fish runs you around the boat. Uh, guys, anyone care to gaff here? Okay, fish in the bag or got away, get a new line back into the water, hurry. Oh crap, here comes a sea lion, get your fish in before he steals them! Then on to the next paddy. For 9-12 hours.

Okay, yes, there is still a lot of beer. Gotta stay hydrated in that sun, rite?

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