Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

New York City, December 10, 2012

★★ Behind the window shade, another window shade: thick white fog right outside the glass, lasting far into the morning. The near edge of the apartment slab next door was visible and rectangular, but the rest of the building receded into shapelessness. Beyond that was nothing—or, on careful examination, some faint traces of pale car-shapes, moving on an entirely invisible avenue. Outside, on ground level, there was pervading damp; the tops of ordinary high-rises were lost. After that extended theatrical opening, the rest of the day performed a different sort of vanishing act: Not so warm as to be pleasant (and therefore eerie and unnerving) but wholly, forgettably, unseasonably neutral.

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saythatscool (#101)

Tom, I'm gonna give you a break because you strike me as a little slow with the Aspergers weather report you do every-fucking-day. Things here are changing and you're gonna have to change with them. Time waits for no man, Tom. Do you understand what that means Tom? Tom, look at me when I speak to you please.
No Tom, I'm not giving another Diagnostic Scale test. I want 200 words about today's meteorological conditions around the Friedrichstraße no later than 2 pm tomorrow. Verstehen?
There's a good lad. Did I tell you how much I like your haircut? You look just like a young Himmler, perhaps a bit more effeminate but just a bit. Off you go now, lad.

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