Monday, November 12th, 2012

Thing Amusing

Did you miss this on Friday? It's very possible that you did. What with the hurricane and the election and the fact that we're about a week a way from Thansgiving—which means the nonstop onslaught of Christmas "cheer" should be forcing itself up into you any second now—it seems like everything has suddenly accelerated, and there's ever so much more to miss. So in case you didn't catch this one, sit yourself down (if you are currently unseated) and enjoy. As far as these things go it's actually pretty good.


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cory dodt@twitter (#12,071)

I'm not sure if it's horrible, or makes it funnier, that Natalie is easily 15 years too young for this joke to make sense. Even the people chosen to represent my demo have to be young enough to play to the proper demo.

(The record exec is exactly the right age, though.)

ImThraxx (#6,661)

@cory dodt@twitter Her age is given in the video as "mid-twenties." Is it your belief that this woman is ten years old? I do not agree that she is ten.

alorsenfants (#139)

Tres amusant — but my generational response is simple: did we not ditch cable and MTV in the mid-90's?! I know: I could just be speaking for myself!

dntsqzthchrmn (#2,893)

I don't get it.

Matt (#26)

I've noticed that The Awl has little to no Taylor Swift-based content.

This just confirms that t-shirts under jackets are the 3-piece suits of today. And I mean that in a bad-guy-from-the-tv-show-Hunter sort of way.

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