Other New York Times Opinion Writers Who Must Be Punished, Like Nate Silver, For Discussing Gambling

America's Boyfriend ... and he's a *poker player,* too!

  • “I’d bet anything that if the president staked out such an Obama Plan, Buffett and a lot of other business leaders would endorse it.”—Thomas Friedman
  • “To his immense credit he took a big gamble on killing Osama Bin Laden.”—Roger Cohen
  • “I’ll bet he’s not a Charlie Stross reader; if he were, he’d know about the scene in The Jennifer Morgue involving a PowerPoint presentation that turns anyone who watches it into a murderous zombie.”—Paul Krugman
  • “The bet Punch Sulzberger made his whole career is that people wanted — and would pay for — great journalism.”—Joe Nocera
  • “If I had to bet which candidate was more likely to launch airstrikes against Iran or to up the military ante in Syria, I’d be inclined to give a slight edge to Obama.”—Bill Keller
  • “Still, I bet the Democrats keep the Senate.”—David Brooks
  • “But to a voter who doesn’t bring strong ideological priors to the table, neither party’s vision for how to manage this transition probably looks like a sure bet.”—Ross Douthat
  • “But it’s a reasonable bet. Researchers have estimated that one American dies every 20 minutes for lack of health insurance.”—Nicholas D. Kristof
  • “Our bet is that when you visit NYTimes.com, you’re looking for urbane and literate content, and our comments sections seek to live by that same standard.”—NYT public editor Margaret Sullivan

Photo via Poker Listings.