Friday, November 9th, 2012

Gucci Mane, "Gas And Mud" (And 25 Other Songs About Two Things)

"Gooch, what's all the fuss about, homie? Your latest work Trap God is still in our rotation and you haven't had buzz like this since The State vs. Radric Davis. And it ain't because of no bickering beef. It's cause the trap beats and charismatic flows are back on point like Rondo. But there you go ruffling everyone's feathers. With all due respect, we need less diss antics and more ratchet musical masterpieces. You ain't been locked up in a minute. So stay in it to win it and stack that unnecessary bullshit on the shelf. No one's questioning your realness, the deal is, we just want more good music and less extracurricular fuckery. Get your money, Mane."
Rap Radar's Elliott Wilson writes a note to Gucci Mane advising him to stop fighting with other rappers. Gucci's new song is really good, as is his whole new mixtape, Trap God. Here are a bunch of other songs about two things, starting (yeah, come on, Gucci!) with "Love & Happiness."

Six years after it came out, Cadillac Don's one national hit is still sounding like maybe the best beat made this century.

Who needs Prince to allow his original music to be posted on YouTube? (Just kidding. I need that very badly. But these surrogates are a joy to watch.)

That's a little less impressive.

That's probably the best Pavement knock-off that Grandaddy never wrote, right?

Which is better, Black Sabbath's "Heaven & Hell," or Raekwon and Ghost's? I don't know!

Who would have thought that such a great song could have been made out of an old Emily Litela joke? (David Byrne, I guess, because he's so smart.)

Give it up, anyone else who ever tried to sing ever.

Is Juicy J really the no. 1 ranked "get-high rapper"? I haven't seen US News & World Report's latest list, so I guess he might be!

Posting this song twice in one day is the best thing I've ever done in my life. (Which tells you a lot about my life.)

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Multiphasic (#411)

So the question is, is "More Songs About Chocolate and Girls" a song about two things (chocolate and girls) or an indefinite number of things (however many songs about said consumables/young females)?

Sorry man, didn't mean to make this shit heavy.

Murgatroid (#2,904)

Why yes, I did click on a thread with 26 embedded YouTube videos, knowing that it would slow my computer down to a pathetic crawl, just to check if you included Trey Songz' "2 Reasons".

You did not.

s. (#775)

Don't forget Crimson and Clover.

s. (#775)

And in terms of R.E.M. songs, I think I'd go with How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us.

s. (#775)

Does Party and Bullshit count?

Dave Bry (#422)

At first I though, "Ooh! Party & Bullshit, that's a good one I should have included." But then, this list is about "things." And "party" and "bullshit" are both used in their verbal forms in that song? So maybe I can squeak myself a pass? "Crimson & Clover," though: that is inexcusable. I am a terrible, terrible person.

(And there are surely many more…)

s. (#775)

Sir, nobody with your commitment to the Smithereens could be anything other than a hero.

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