Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Fake Candidate Gary Johnson Has Wingnuts Ready for 2016 Already!

We keep forgetting to say congratulations to the 1,139,562 right-wing weirdos and/or dupes and/or Reason mag enthusiasts who voted for Gary Johnson! The pro-privatization, anti-union, anti-"Obamacare," only technically pro-abortion, Roger Stone-supported and Koch Brothers-associated gun nut and totally obvious spoiler candidate tried selling sex and sexy Libertarianism, to the tune of a not terrible turnout. Unfortunately, any look at his associates makes Reason's endorsement of "the best-qualified presidential candidate in the race" seem pitiful, but don't worry: we'll be doing this again in 2016, as the party tries desperately to garner 5% of the vote. "Gary Johnson 2016" already has 82 likes on Facebook, so you know it's on.

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CTD (#233,611)

Libertarian Johnson voter here. I am fully pro-choice, and also pro-abortion for those who would choose snark over civil liberties.

Speaking of which, Choire, I thought you liked Johnson?

Bunburying (#81,872)

Is "liking Johnson" a dick joke? Because if you're not making it, I will.

swizzard (#329)

@CTD Yeah, dude, why so snarky? GJ's the only candidate who wants to legalize drugs, stop indiscriminately blowing up brown people with flying death robots, and legalize gay marriage at the federal level. I'd also add that calling him "Koch Brothers-associated" is no fairer a dig than calling Obama "Goldman Sachs-associated."

CTD (#233,611)

@Bunburying totally a dick joke. But I don't claim a monopoly – go ahead and pile on to my Johnson crack!

pissy elliott (#397)

Making fun of libertarians may not be the most sophisticated clickbait, but it sure does bring in the hits!

I would love to know how a "fake" candidate garners over a million votes(more than any Libertarian candidate in history). If you had bothered to do any research, you would know that the ad, where Gary was supposedly "selling sex" even though the model is wearing more clothes than most people would wear at a beach, was created by a fan and not the Gary Johnson campaign.

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