Monday, November 26th, 2012

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"'My American Revolution' gives geography and meteorology overdue recognition as historical catalysts, pointing out, for example, that strategically placed 18th-century signal points metamorphosed into cold war missile sites and finally into 9/11 memorials, in a trajectory that suggests a continuum. A revolution, after all, is something that orbits, or comes full circle, which Sullivan eventually does in a world 'before straight lines ruled the day.' The reader more or less returns to the starting point, but with a brand-new perspective."
—There was a fairly glowing review of Robert Sullivan's My American Revolution in this weekend's Times Book Review. Back in August, Sullivan took us on a tour of how the Battle of Brooklyn would transpire today. Also receiving praise over the weekend was the new collection of stories by Sherman Alexie, whose "Pachyderm"—a poem that made several people who hate poetry break down and cry—appeared here in May.

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Paul B@twitter (#13,135)

That's not what the word revolution means though. There are two words in English spelled "revolution" one of them is the noun form of the verb revolve, as noted here. The other is what happens when there is a revolt. It's nice to compare the two but etymologically, they're not related.

growler (#476)

Dammit! I got a copy of the Sullivan free at work. I recently brought all my free books home, and do not remember if it was in the pile. So either someone stole it and I will be sad when I get home and find out or I brought it home and will be mad at myself for meaningless worry.

Sullivan is a really good writer. His book on the Meadowlands is superb, almost McPhee-like.

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