A Poem by Mike Lala

from Portraits of the Artists as Their Own Subjects

The screen lit up            it was old

she took to foam
      the stitching / cloth        and it was without form

patches              clay              Ground Theme
Koji Kondo, 1982 / PVC green paint and astroturf

                                  and darkness on the face

of the Kingdom

and her hand over the cellophane water
        her hand over the plush fungi
and her hand over the void
        over the Pakkun flower with piranha teeth bared

                    and behold,

Mike Lala has published two chapbooks: Under the Westward Night (Knickerbocker Circus, 2010) and [fire!] ([sic] Press, 2011). His work is forthcoming/in Fence; The Brooklyn Rail; Diagram; Rhino; La Petite Zine; No, Dear; and others. He curates Fireside Follies and works with Recession Art in New York. More at MikeLala.com.

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