Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Your New First Lady's Sexy Fashion Secrets

"He has very definite tastes. He likes a waistline, and he likes her to show her figure off. He’s always staring her up and down and smiling. They're like two kids who just met. They're really adorable."
Ann Romney's favorite designer tells New York what gets Mitt hot, and whether Ann wears magic underwear beneath her strapless gowns.

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Lockheed Ventura (#5,536)

Again with the "magic underwear" insults. Do you know from which religion the Mormons get their "magic underwear" tradition? Hint: it is not Hinduism or Catholicism.

Make substantive arguments if you can, apparently you can't, but to make prejudiced religious insults is not the path to justice or enlightenment.

I assume that you are not the kind of bigoted asshole that would insult the turban of Sikh or the Kippah of a Jew. Prove me wrong. God gave you a brain. Start using it.

@Lockheed Ventura You mean when Joseph Smith was looking into his hat, reading his seer stones, that the magic underwear, er, excuse me, "temple garments," weren't a revelation from god? That he lifted the idea from someplace else? Huh. Whaddya know.

The Awl's kicker: Be Less Stupid.

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