Friday, October 12th, 2012

Which 500 People Pay 15% of All New York City Taxes???


1. Can this be true.
2. I suppose it totally can be?
3. Can you show me the list though?
4. I presume these are all corporation-people, not people-people, yes? I mean, same difference.
5. I bet Eliot Spitzer is on there. Or at least Bernard Spitzer.
6. What about Jay-Z?
7. Also Mariah. And that adorable Rob Speyer.
8. And how much of the City do they own, then? "Almost all" of it?

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camelface (#4,600)

9. How many of them live at One57?

camelface (#4,600)

10. How many of them are potential Midtown East developers?

Matt (#26)

I don't know but I bet they wear khakis.

@Matt I hope they do!!!! I mean, on Fridays.

dado (#102)

I hope they don't move to Delaware.

Matt (#26)

So does Delaware.

Ok, now do that for sales tax

Art Yucko (#1,321)

Wait a sec… Tishman Speyer is a dude?!

The Catholic Church is made of people!

Niko Bellic (#1,312)

I wouldn't be surprised to also find out that that's something like 1% of their income (which came from the businesses of robbing the rest of us of our savings and shipping our jobs to children in Asia). But yeah, let's be grateful they are paying for that spectacular upkeep of the city services and infrastructure!

@Niko Bellic Dude, uptown transfer from the F to the 6 train at B'way-Lafayette!

pissy elliott (#397)

How many Dursts? More importantly, is one of them Fred Durst?

Wait, is he talking about people-people or corporation-"people"?

Alternate take : If we count parking tickets as taxes, seriously I know some people who might be nudging out those 500.

salvo (#8,697)

I know why people like Bloomberg phrase these things this way; what I don't understand is why the media refuses to translate this into apples/apples.

While it may or not be true that 0.1 percent of the city's population pays 27% of the taxes, the real question is, after basic living expenses, how much of the city's disposable income do those 0.1 percent have?

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