Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

The Quiet Menace of Lois Lowry

Author for young people Lois Lowry on Hunger Games: "I was troubled by the fact that it’s children killing children.” (You can see Lois Lowry tonight in New York!)

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keisertroll (#1,117)

I'm just glad young adult authors live forever or I'd be disappointed about missing Lois Lowry tonight.

dntsqzthchrmn (#2,893)

Thank you, Lois Lowry.

deepomega (#1,720)

Lovely. She's right, though, the real threat is that The Giver is about distrusting all authority, from the beginning. There are no good adults in it. The Hunger Game has parents who act like parents, and big siblings who act like big siblings.

jolie (#16)

Oh man, I briefly mistook Lois Lowry for Lois Duncan and nearly FLIPPED MY LID at the prospect of seeing her and then I realised that Lois Lowry isn't Lois Duncan (LEAVE ME BE, I AM OLDEN AND MY MEMORY NO WORK SO GOOD NO MORE) and then I just cried because woof A Summer To Die.

laurel (#4,035)

@jolie: Aw, the wildflowers and the photography. That book.

dado (#102)

Better that Bruce Willis kill the children.

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