Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

How Slutty Can You Be And Still Trick Someone Into Loving You?

"Can first date sex EVER lead to long-lasting love?"


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KenWheaton (#401)

Of course. Just not with the person you're having the sex with. With his/her roommate, maybe.

City_Dater (#2,500)


"Don't forget to pretty up for your walk of shame: never know who you'll meet!"

hockeymom (#143)

@KenWheaton This is true. And I've got a 20 year marriage to prove it.

bettyw (#238,730)

It depends on the person. I think if you have first date sex as a consistent thing, eventually you will hit the jackpot. A guy's sexual strategy is the same whether or not he wants just sex or a relationship, so you never know ANYWAY. Might as well see if he can get you off first and then worry about whether or not he's worth your time.

Leon (#6,596)

@bettyw @bettyw – Sexually, I always go with a hybrid Fabien / Cloward-Piven Strategy. I open with a Caro-Kann Defense, set a few pick and rolls, line up in a pro set, and close with an Albin Counter gambit.

julebsorry (#5,783)

@Leon Saint-Jean But naturally, you must expect your partner to attack with a Capo Ferro…

whizz_dumb (#10,650)

@Leon Saint-Jean I don't know what those things mean but I'm laughing. I will not analyze the point you're making because I always go straight to the pile-driver. Needless to say, I'm still single for some weird reason. Help Leon!

Ham Snadwich (#11,842)

@whizz_dumb – Any student of the game knows that the piledriver has long been supplanted by high risk, high reward gambits such as the Moonsaw or the Stone Cold Stunner.

tigolbitties (#2,150)

Does 4th date sex ever EVER lead to love?

LRMG (#164,126)

Yes of course it can. Met my husband at a bar, slept together that night. We've been together for six years and married for two. I did enjoy the hmm maybe it's okay but keep it in your pants young lady tone of the advice and the terrible pastelness of the author photo. I mean I know the Daily Mail has a standard of terribleness to continue but why is so much sex advice so completely excruiatingly terrible?

jolie (#16)

Yup! It's actually a pretty neat trick, if I do say so myself.

Bitzy (#1,913)

@jolie Same here! We just got married last month after about 8 years together. I had to think on the fly and come up with a better meet-cute story than "A friend brought me to a party at his house. We hit it off. We left his bedroom 4 days later."

stinapag (#10,293)

@jolie I'm not even sure ours was a "date." We met at Burning Man, hooked up midweek, had sex almost immediately, and never left each other until the end of the event. Four months later, he moved 'cross country to be with me. Four years later, we got married.

jolie (#16)

@stinapag I have never heard a more convincing argument for attending Burning Man.

Brunhilde (#1,225)

@Bitzy That would have been a *great* toast at your wedding.

Does first date love ever lead to sex?

Sealya (#231,496)

Maybe not first date sex but definitely pre-first date sex…..celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary next Wednesday.

@Sealya I highly recommend having the first date two weeks — and 3 shags — later.

Danzig! (#5,318)

It's times like this I really love the fact that my RSS feed for The Awl is messed and is showing the Romney / Obama pic on several unrelated articles

Brunhilde (#1,225)

When you roll over after a particularly drunken night, introduce yourself to the naked fellow in bed with you. It might lead to true love!

Auntie Maim@twitter (#178,787)

My husband was my grad school professor, and I slept with him on our first date — although we'd known each other for three years before that first date, so I don't know if that counts. I just figured that was my chance to have sex with him, and that if it led to something, bonus. Worked out great.

alorsenfants (#139)

Oh look — consider the source…

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