Friday, October 5th, 2012

"Gosh You Are a Mean Jerk"–No One in New York City

"A friend of mine who grew up in Los Angeles once declared that transplants to Gotham only truly become New Yorkers when they exchange the exhortation "motherfucker," which, to be sure, has a satisfying sting, for "cocksucker"—a designation more mellifluous, the ugliness behind its origin notwithstanding. And yet, as comforting as both those epithets may be, in the colloquial currency of a city where you are constantly confronted by a teeming mass of narcissists hell-bent on thwarting whatever goal you hope to achieve (even something simple as completing a speedy transaction at an ATM), the most common denomination of irritant—the dollar bill of sweary, frustrated descriptors for those exasperating sacks of skin swarming our space—is 'asshole.'"
An expert speaks.

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It's not really a clean comparison. I mean, "motherfucker" is more of a compliment than an insult, in general NYC parlance, far as I can see. "Cocksucker" is problematic because, well, homophobia.

Agreed about "asshole," though. It's the universal solvent of dissing strangers.

Matt (#26)


Vera Knoop (#2,167)

I prefer "fuckneck," but then, I'm classy like that.

hershmire (#233,671)

I'm in a taxi that's stopped in a crosswalk. Obese lady walks up to driver: "YOU'RE KILLING ME, SMALLS!" Indian driver sighs, says "Eh, fuck you, lady" resignedly. End of interaction.

This is a great city.

jfruh (#713)

still devastated that apparently "douchebag" has been passe since '06 and nobody told me

GiovanniGF (#224)

Worst thing that you can call someone in New York is "tourist."

grandpa27 (#804)

How did you miss "sack of shit"? Skin? I Don't know.

Tulletilsynet (#333)

Taxi drivers in Shanghai say Fuck You, Asshole in the universal language of Fuck You, Asshole.

usubmetm (#240,612)

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