David Blaine Is Fired Up

David Blaine intends to not be guilty of over promising on delivering an electrifying feat. Intel’s Ultrabook Experience has teamed up with Mr. Blaine to present his latest stunt (the first Blaine has done in four years). Beginning on Friday, Blaine will stand on a 20-foot-high platform at Hudson River Park Pier 54 in New York, surrounded by seven towering metallic orbs – or Tesla coils – that will stream 1 million volts of electricity around him for 3 days and 3 nights (Oct 5th – Oct 8th). Clad in a custom-made metal suit and helmet capable of conducting millions of volts of electricity, Blaine will be on his feet and will not sleep or eat for the duration of the performance [Read more at Intel Newsroom].

In addition, the installation will be live-streamed on YouTube and also have viewing stations in London, Beijing, Tokyo and Sydney. Interestingly, the viewers at the stations will be able to control the coils.