Friday, October 26th, 2012

Also the Whole "Watergate Thing" Would Have Been a Nice Series of Tweets

"Back in 2001, it took a six monthlong investigation by Fortune writer Bethany McLean to uncover the wrongdoings that led to the collapse of Enron. Had The Business Insider been around, it would have done it in two weeks, according to TBI President Julie Hansen—maybe with a slideshow to follow. 'We would pursue it for a couple weeks, get a lot of sources, get the data and tell people, This is what we know. What do you know? What do you think?' she said."
"Do you know more about Enron's secret accounting? Tell us IN THE COMMENTS."

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Julia duMais (#237,428)

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Subj: Linda Tripp commented on your photo

pissy elliott (#397)

@Julia duMais Linda Tripp, ruthless cyberbully

mrmcd (#9,309)

Or if, for example, someone is committing securities fraud and being a paid shill for companies by lying in 'independent' research reports.

BadUncle (#153)

Don't know anything about the acconting. But I lived through Enrons premeditated brownouts and blackouts in 1999-2000. At the time, they claimed demand exceeded supply and grid capacity. We now know they simply took plants off line – which they could quietly do under CA's utility deregulation. And I still remember my uncle spouting the Wall Street Journal's analysis of why the power was failing: "There's too much regulation."

Matthew Phelan (#10,133)

1h — Having Secret Meeting With #AnonymousSource who is blowing my mind right now with these #shockingrevelations.

45m — I can't write this stuff down fast enough! Where was the SEC during all of this?

12m — Trenchcoated Guy across parking deck keeps looking at his iphone then back at me and my #AnonymousSource. Very weird.

Matthew Phelan (#10,133)

@Matthew Phelan

2m — Hey, ppl! DM me if you recognize this #TrenchcoatGuy He's got garrote wire or is a fisherman.

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