Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Old Man Mocks Fat Man

"I'm flying Southwest and I oftentimes take the middle seat. I don't think Christie is taking the middle seat. So I'm doing my part for austerity."
—California's Jerry Brown fires back at portly New Jersey pol Chris Christie, who recently referred to the Golden State governor as an "old retread." As delightful as it is to see politicians spar, I am struck by the notion of how horrible it would feel to board a plane and realize you'd be sitting next to either one of these gentlemen. I guess if I had to choose I'd pick Brown, but only because of the certainty that I'd be asleep within ten minutes of liftoff.

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deepomega (#1,720)

Totally disagree – Brown would try really hard to impress you with tales of his accomplishments. Chris Christie would drink something and black out.

jfruh (#713)

Why would anyone voluntarily sit in the middle seat? They aren't any cheaper on Southwest. That's just an act of pure masochism, akin to, say, wanting to be governor of California in the early 2010s.

dado (#102)

It would be funny to see Jerry Brown in between Chris Christie and Kevin Smith.

BadUncle (#153)

Yeah, retread maybe. But how many Dead Kennedies' songs reference Governor Sandwiches?

beatbeatbeat (#3,187)

"Sandwiches Toasted By Moonbeam"

Brown would lull you to sleep with magickal Buddhist sleeping tricks and then beat you with a shillelagh. Christie would slip you a roofy and then wake you by farting in your ear.

Tough call. I'ma go with Granholm on a sexplane.

mishaps (#5,779)

There is no way I'm sitting next to Chris Christie on a plane unless they make him buy two seats.

Matt Cornell (#8,797)

Glad to see Alex Balk is outsourcing his fat jokes to Jerry Brown.

No no, I disagree, Christie would definitely take the middle seat, as well as the aisle and window seats.

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