Thursday, September 20th, 2012

How Many Foie Gras Donuts Can You Cram Into Your Gullet?

Would you like to feel better about the dietary choices you've made over the last month or so? Then watch this video, in which two men compete to see who can consume more foie gras-injected beignets in the course of a minute. It will totally put you at ease with your own recent decisions. It may also make you vomit.

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MNancy (#241,062)

There is a worldwide concern about health and what we eat then in the last years, and I find it so what normal. We are getting fatter and fatter by the year and it is not only an American problem, it is all over the world. I guess that we reach the point where we have too much money and we can afford to eat whatever we want, or that we just really do not care what happens to us. My best friend has receive the continued help of medical professionals in his effort to lose some weight lately and I have to admit that it's having an unexpected result, he is starting to feel and look healthier by the week.

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