Monday, September 24th, 2012

Canada And Britain Sharing Office Space

"The Union Jack and the Maple Leaf may soon fly side by side at embassies and consulates around the world, as part of a new cost-saving foreign affairs agreement between Britain and Canada, prompting concern that a hybrid diplomatic channel could weaken Canada’s global standing."
—This seems like the set-up for a hysterical sitcom in which the meek Canadian ambassador is constantly trying to avoid his drunken British counterpart, who manages to get them into all kinds of trouble every week. Also, each episode would have a different way in which the Canadian apologizes to the Briton for having been stabbed by him.

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deepomega (#1,720)

We'll call it The Statesman.

jfruh (#713)

This is all part of Queen Elizabeth's lizard-person plan to get the Empire back together.

DarkDia (#240,444)

There are many departments that can adopt this idea and I find it to be inspiring. We are always trying to find new ways to manage our budged and this seems to be a good one. It's like my grandmother always said put your best foot forward and you will succeed, I don't think the woman was wrong at all. I had been thought that sharing is a good thing and brings people together, why not governments.

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