Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Briton Takes A Stab At UK History Quiz, Fares Poorly

Apparently British Prime Minister David Cameron did not exactly cover himself with glory when he appeared on David Letterman's show last night.

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LondonLee (#922)

Can't believe I'm defending upper-class twit Cameron but what the eff was Letterman playing at?

dontannoyme (#24,319)

@LondonLee I agree. They were daft questions and not interesting. Also there are islands at Runnymede so this is just incorrect. It's a low lying meadow so islands come and go. It's perfectly possible that the Magna Carta was signed on an island at Runnymede. The only thing I find irritating about the Awl is its one-note approach to the UK. I absolutely can't bear Cameron but he seemed ok to me on Letterman.

deepomega (#1,720)

Spackled with glory. Just completely foaming with it.

@deepomega Cameron couldn't cover himself with glory in a sperm bank.

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