Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Big Ghost Reviews "Cruel Summer"

"You take a song wit Jay n Kanye on it n you add Big Sean to that shit…thats like takin Wagyu steak witta side of truffles n you splash some A-1 sauce on that muthafucka namsayin. That nigga Big Sean is a condiment b. The nigga is ketchup nahmean. Son aint even on the menu namsayin. You dont go to ANY restaurant n see ketchup on the menu b. Not even cheap ass spots like Burger King got ketchup on the menu…that shit aint a item on the menu. At a nice restaurant they jus be throwin that shit there on the table sometimes like 'yo…if you a uncultured lowlife muthafucka you can ga’head n splash summa this shit on ya expensive ass food or whatever son'. If its a real nice spot…like some place witta 'Chez' in front of the name they probably aint even got no ketchup or steak sauce in the buildin at all yo… They jus be havin the grey poupon type joints or some shit nahmean."
A lot of people are writing about Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music collective's new album Cruel Summer this week. Many of them are making good points. (Like, yes, Cruel Summer is a confusing title for an album that comes out on September 18th—and, while we're on the subject, don't tease me with the thought of a Bananarama sample if you're not going to come through!) But no one is writing about it as well as the mysterious and talented voice mimic who goes by the name "Big Ghost." In related news, ego trip talks to photographer Daniel Hastings about his experience shooting the cover for Raekwon's Only Built for Cuban Linx… album. Which is basically a collaborative project with Ghostface Killah (the real Ghost.) And is also the best rap album ever made.

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Matt (#26)

There's a weird confluence of Real Hip Hop Heads and white hipster #longform music writers that have no problem railing on and on about what a joke Big Sean is while giving Jay a pass for over a decade of laurels resting — even and especially when the two are on the same song. Watch the Throne was the exception that proved the rule; we've been forced to lap up a gigabyte of Jay lazily reminding us that he's the best, because he said so, in a barely more interesting than talking cadence. And we're gonna pile on this young kid instead? Maybe it's just projection. Sean's a one-trick pony, sure. But you can't say that dude doesn't have technical chops as a rapper. Plus, it's a funny trick. Why can't hip hop be fun? (Perfectly willing to admit those who don't find his schtick funny. But that's never the tack these arguments take.) This would be like saying "Man, those Public Enemy records would be so great if it weren't for that clown Flavor Flav. Oh well, guess I'll listen to Digable Planets."

I agree with almost all of what this guy says, save for the time frame of relative Jay wackness. He's been mediocre (by his own standards), save for a few moments of brilliance, since The Black Album.

That said, mediocre Jay is still miles ahead of Big Sean.

ImThraxx (#6,661)

@Matt What if you strongly dislike both Big Sean and post-Black Album Jay-Z? Wouldn't everything be better if we were just getting nice Kanye solo EPs with some Pusha T features? And maybe 2 Chainz, if things must really be padded out?

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