Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

50 Shades Of Marmalade

"It's kind of masochistic. It's a little—I can't think of the word—it's a little painful, disciplinary."
—GUESS WHAT! This is a tough one.


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dado (#102)

I feel the same way about Ortolan.

libmas (#231)

I used to feel that way about bourbon, until it replaced the blood in my veins.

scrooge (#2,697)

It's hard to find good marmalade in the US, especially since Trader Joe's stopped carrying the Dundee one. But good marmalade is good, no masochism required. Yanks are really weird.

@scrooge I grew up in the US on that stuff.

barnhouse (#1,326)

The opaque white marmalade jars are going the way of the dodo, sad to say.

skahammer (#587)

I wonder how many callouts to "the Proustian madeleine" are made in the pages of the WSJ during an average year.

whelmed in europe (#237,880)

Strangely, orange marmalade was the ONLY jam I would eat as a small child. Because (strangely for a small child) I didn't really like a lot of sweet things, and the texture of jam grossed me out. But Paddington Bear liked orange marmalade, which made that OK. I later came to accept Strawberry Jam as well, but ONLY because Francis, the badger from the children's series, ate it exclusively in Bread and Jam for Francis. Clearly, I was setting up a lifelong trend of 1)Not liking sugary sweet things and 2)Basing my life around literary texts. …I'm continuing in strong in both traditions.

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