Friday, August 3rd, 2012

TV Show Has World's Most Boring Premise

"Having only driven a horse and buggy, Jeremiah craves the thrill of driving a car, something he's only admired from afar."


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dntsqzthchrmn (#2,893)

Sparks fly when a homesick Jeremiah sets up his anvil in Williamsburg and Rebecca starts an artisanal goat yogurt dairy…

Maxine4Mayor (#236,357)

"But the decision to reject Amish life comes with consequences for the cast, including possibly being shunned by their families. 'If I go to New York City and decide not to be Amish, I'm gonna be on my own,' Jeremiah says." I like this Jeremiah guy.

Maxine4Mayor (#236,357)

My porn star name would be Gabby 50th

hershmire (#233,671)

Driving a car for the first time in New York would push me into becoming Amish.

jfruh (#713)

I certainly hope you have all seen the amazing "Devil's Playground," a documentary from 2002 about Rumspringa?

Some of the kids in that movie get into meth use, which I'm assuming is also going to be true here, based on the title.

Lockheed Ventura (#5,536)

Perhaps they can just split the difference and join the Hasidim.

Having been clean-shaven for his entire adult life, Gef the Talking Mongoose craves the thrill of a sweet Amish-style beard, something he's only admired from afar.

SidAndFinancy (#4,328)

I think a bullfrog should be pretty happy that he's able to drive a horse and buggy in the first place.

GailPink (#9,712)

I dunno, it sounds curiously compelling to me.

skahammer (#587)

I wonder how The Wire's premise would be phrased. Or The Simpsons'.

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