Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Exercise Is For Old People

"Stepping up exercise levels in your 50s is likely to cut your chances of suffering a heart attack in later life. Only two-and-a-half hours of moderate activity a week appears to suppress inflammation in the body which is believed to contribute to heart disease, a long-term study has found. It means that, even for the middle aged who have been inspired by the exploits of athletes during the Olympics, it is never too late to exercise and change their future health for the better."
—More importantly, it means you don't need to do any of that crap right now. Relax! Have a couple of drinks. Want a burger for lunch? Go crazy! Have a cigarette after to speed up your metabolism a bit. And skip the gym. All that stuff is for your 50s! Right now you should be having fun. You see Science there, resting his ass on that park bench, smoking and laughing at the people jogging by? He is telling you to come sit by him!

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WindowSeat (#180)

I just spent two weeks redecking and reshingling my roof. I'm 50 , does this mean I'm immortal now?

jacksonwest (#637)

Who says smoking and exercise are incompatible? I'm back to half a pack a day and just ran a half marathon, where I beat 765 out of the 787 other runners who probably don't smoke. Suckers.

stevedb (#200,363)

Good strategy but sometimes fatal! I am 56 and kept telling myself I needed to get back in shape. Then one Sunday morning last month I was starting up the powerwasher (needed about 15 pulls to get it going …) and had a heart attack. Fortunately the wife got me to the hospital in 15 minutes and an hour and a half later I had two stents put in place.

Apparently I had 95% block on one artery and almost 100% block on the other. Trouble is, other than some shortness of breath I did not have any clanging warnings. (Don't smoke and blood pressure is 120/80)

Just like people who buy into a bubble figuring they'll bail before it pops — timing is everything.

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