Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Bicycles Are Obviously New York City's Number One Menace!

"NYPD statistics show 292 biking accidents occurred in the city in the first seven months of this year—65 in Central Park alone," says today's Daily News shocking cover story. Did you know that bicyclists are literally exceeding the speed limit in Central Park by 4 and 5 miles per hour???

That's 41 bike accidents a month in New York City! Gosh, and to think, only 293 bicyclists are run down by cars each month in the City! Only 148,571 cars are involved in accidents in New York City each year, killing 270 people a year! And only 24,673 pedestrians are injured by cars in the City a year. So yes, let's all freak out about bikes. Going fast. In a park.

Also there were only 1,014 misdemeanor assaults and 385 felony assaults… IN THE LAST WEEK OF JULY ALONE. How can the City go on when bikes are clearly the number one menace!

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cinderellen@twitter (#196,831)

Just another example of anti cycling bias. I wish people would wake up and realize that a pro cycling stance could make cities more functional and pleasant to live in.

hershmire (#233,671)

Yeah, but cars are manly and American and I'll be god-damned if anyone tell me I can't drive one.

Dave Bry (#422)

Mosquitos. Mosquitos mosquitos mosquitos.

Amasa Amos (#9,654)

@Dave Bry This.

Heather Wagner (#9,797)

@Dave Bry I have a suggestion Mr Bry: Buy a large, quiet fan and place it bedside. It disrupts their flight pattern! I did so and have had nary a bite from those evil suckers all summer. . .(note: last summer I bathed in OFF)

sharilyn (#4,599)

O Daily News, you can't beat the Post on anti-cyclist outrage. Steve Cuozzo practically invented that noise! He's like a virtuoso of bikes-are-a-menace screeds.

Madfall (#9,834)

Bicycles, exercise for history's greatest monsters.

ytorf (#1,684)

@Madfall You know who owned a bike? HITLER.

SidAndFinancy (#4,328)

@ytorf: And like Lance Armstrong, he was short one testicle.

hershmire (#233,671)

Man, New York really has gone soft.

camelface (#4,600)

So true! Back in the day, GG Allin would ride bikes WAY FASTER!

brianvan (#149)

This is infuriating. It's so telling that this is the sort of stuff that corporate-owned media outlets fixate on, but if you turn to independent journalism and social media outlets, the story is COMPLETELY different. This is because – surprise! – the modern news business is aimed squarely at lowest-common-denominator idiot cranks out in the burbs, the ones who want to run over anyone who dares cross a road or cycles in it because YOU'RE IN MY WAY and driving is about getting to wherever you're going 10 seconds sooner and WINNING.

I bet the NYPD sent more people to the hospital last month than cyclists did! And there are 2x more cyclists than police officers in NYC!

Mr. B (#10,093)

@brianvan This is infuriating a tabloid. Etc.

brianvan (#149)

@Mr. B
While I'm totally aware of the inherent idiocy of these instant-birdcage-liners, they have a disproportionate public influence (their reporters get press passes! Gothamist and DNAinfo, on the other hand…) and they are almost omnipresent by distribution. Since we're a democratically-run country, deliberate misinformation is effective at undermining order in the governance process… especially when matters are politically sensitive.

I don't know how cycling became so politically sensitive as a negative thing (aside from what should be the moral outrage over cyclists' vulnerability to cars!) but the papers are quick to capitalize, legit or not. And that's just terrible! Both major NY tabloid dailies are owned by extremely wealthy people who use their assets to distribute deliberate misinformation, in the presence of an overwhelming amount of totally accurate sordid information already out there, and they should be put out of business by legitimate competition. Too bad that, with all of that money, the only kind of competition that would make any real headway in the industry is the kind run by someone even more wealthy, vain and stupid than these fuckers. Like Arianna Huffington! Now I just want to kill myself.

Jared (#1,227)

But look! The bicyclist is going so fast he's OUT OF FOCUS! There should be a law against that.

ejcsanfran (#489)

@Jared: But his cholesterol level is only 30 – presumably thanks to his active lifestyle!

ejcsanfran (#489)
freetzy (#7,018)

@ejcsanfran It's seems weird that San Francisco even has local news.

ejcsanfran (#489)

@freetzy: Trust me – what KRON-4 is broadcasting ain't news.

propertius (#361)

@ejcsanfran According to Randy Cohen (NYT) the ticketed cyclists can take solace in passing a Kantian moral test.


And you thought urban cycling was just about getting home instead of admitted into a hospital or morgue!

JW Mason (#10,308)

I recently moved back to NYC, and it's really striking how much more bikable the city has gotten in the past three years. Bike lanes everywhere, that people use, and that cars mostly seem to respect. Way more bikes on the road. Bike racks everywhere. I have't seen statistics, but it certainly seems like the Daily News is fighting a losing battle here.

Eastvillagesiren (#236,823)

I live in NYC, a block away from a major bike lane (2nd Ave.) and honestly, it's the attitude of the some of the cyclists that is the problem, just as it is with jackhole drivers who whip around NYC corners and nearly mow you down. Jackhole cyclists are the ones who race down the bike lane, running the light or speeding down the middle of the street the wrong way, pounding on their bike bell to warn me off even though I have the Walk sign.

I'm super pro bike/bike lane, but anti-jackhole cyclist. And totally agree that cars are a much worse problem, although the only time I've been in an accident it was a cyclist who clipped me with his pedal. Ok, off my soapbox ; )

SidAndFinancy (#4,328)

@Eastvillagesiren: Jackholes are second only to jackelopes in their ubiquity. Jackholes.

baked bean (#235,363)

@Eastvillagesiren Yeah, I mean, all they have to do is enforce the traffic laws for bikes and have some PSAs about being a nice biker.

In my town, the assholes in the cars make riding a bike and walking dangerous. Drivers definitely less aware of pedestrians than cyclists.

Eastvillagesiren (#236,823)

@baked bean. NYC has these terrible bus shelter ads admonishing bikers to obey the rules. In one, a sad hipster dude with a pink striped hoodie and pink bike helmet is getting ticketed by a cop. Which makes me actually want to get on a bike and ride really fast the wrong way.

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