Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

The Week in Anti-Gay Assaults

I have been avoiding discussing the bizarre story out of Lincoln, Nebraska, where a woman said her home was broken into by three masked men and slurs were carved on her. That is because stories where people carve things into people generally turn out to be… well, Ashley Todd, never forget! Right now, local police are saying strange things like "it was too early to tell whether the attack was a hoax." So, I do not know anything and I have no opinion.

But I am pretty convinced that this anti-gay car-bombing did occur in Oklahoma this week, and that's pretty weird too, so, there's that! Oh and this assault in DC and this one in Edmonton and this bar shooting in Indiana. Busy, busy.


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I'm relieved by your skepticism about the Lincoln story – I definitely got a weird smell off of that, and have been changing the subject when it comes up. Where else but the Awl could I admit that?

I need a continually updated registry of anti-gay assaults that I can forward whenever someone calls me bitter or tries to use the civil rights movement as a rhetorical foil.

ekates (#91,193)

@SarahHeartburn yessssssssssss! good book!

macartney (#1,889)

"IV. In which a patron of The Bar has been attacked:

This time there was no knife, they just got him on the floor and it was just a fist which had come down on the man's face again and again. And it happened just two streets away from The Bar. He came into the bar with blood everywhere. . . He wasn't as badly hurt as he looked, actually, but it was enough to make us all think at least twice.

People say to me that I must be keeping a list of all the attacks I hear about. They say it's morbid, they say what are you trying to prove anyway. They say why do you have to talk about that just now. They say to me, how many of them do there have to be before you think you've got enough on your list. They say when are you going to stop it, and I say, when am I going to stop it, when am I – "

Philip Clark on Neil Bartlett's "Ready to Catch Him Should I Fall" in "The Lost Library: Gay Fiction Rediscovered", which I was literally just reading less than an hour before you posted this.

Kevin Knox (#4,475)

@macartney That's one of my favourite novels. (I almost typed "gay novels", but no. Without qualification.) I was actually meaning to re-read it soon myself.

BadUncle (#153)

More gardening posts and cute animal videos, please.

cllis22 (#236,353)

i support this thread… got a few gay bashing in my place, so sad why do they have to do that? what kind of racism… ;-/

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