Friday, July 6th, 2012

Social Grifters Are Just People Who Grasp More Blatantly

“You meet someone of import, check him out, determine [if] he can be of use, you make him yours. At some point you must decide whether to run him as a useful idiot, he not catching on as to who you are and what you do.”
What's most useful about this tale is understanding how the "social Ponzi scheme" works. It's a tried and true method, practiced by many, from high-end magazine publishers to politicians to art dealers. It's only slightly more blatant and bizarre in the example of Albrecht Muth and Viola Drath.

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Never trust a) men who wear bow ties of any color other than black or white, b) anyone who would voluntarily socialize with Dick Cheney, or c) people who throw 'fabulous' parties that you haven't known since at latest the age of 25.

Danzig! (#5,318)

Man, grifters. There's nothing not fascinating about grifters. A talented one's like a social genie – they'll provide whatever type of person you want most in your life, or the distinct appearance of it at least.

skahammer (#587)

Man, talk about setting the status bar high: "He was a teenage intern for a lesser-known Republican senator."

"Lesser-known senator" just isn't a phrase you hear very often.

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