Friday, June 15th, 2012

You're A Gay Drunk Because You're So Smart

"Intelligent people are more likely to be nocturnal because humans are designed to wake up when the sun comes up and go to sleep when the sun goes down. They are more likely to be homosexual, because humans are evolutionarily designed to reproduce heterosexually. They are more likely to enjoy instrumental music because music in its evolutionary origin was vocal, and they are more likely to consume alcohol, cigarettes and drugs because all of these substances are evolutionarily novel."
Racial-attractiveness theorist Satoshi Kanazawa has some other theories as well.

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I'm a teetotaling early rising non smoker vag man who gets bored at symphony- basically a fucking idiot.

Yoder (#163,535)

Back when we were all savannah-dwelling hunter-gatherers, this kind of reasoning would've gotten you beaten over the head with a rhinocerous femur. Therefore, it is proof of Kanazawa's superior intelligence. Q.E.D.

According to Mr. Kanazawa, all signs indicate I should be gay by now. Welp, best be getting on that.

ejcsanfran (#489)

Well, if the pump fits…

Werner Hedgehog (#11,170)

It must be hard being this Kanazawa fellow, having to walk around all day and be continuously confronted by people who simply refuse to fit cleanly into his addled theories.

Smitros (#5,315)

I'm not that smart, being straight and all.

Still, sounds like the whole "Sun People" and "Ice People" thing of a decade or two ago, with about as much foundation.

wiilliiaamm (#225)

I'm fucking brilliant.

MTLincoln (#232,122)

I can't help wondering why dear Paul Lynde is pictured here. Smart — yes. Gay — definitely. Relevant — not so much. Of, course, I'm diurnal (although not by choice) and straight (maybe not entirely committed there, but that's for some evening over drinks, not here). Also female and probably at the older end of the reader spectrum. But not such a dummy, if I say it myself. So…What's the point?

Snarkastic (#233,236)

@MTLincoln I disagree. Paul lynde was, is, and always will be relevant to EVERYTHING. "I'm the center square!"

icxmantosl (#240,820)

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