Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

What Did Rich People Do This Morning?

Today in New York City, someone just bought this wee Harry Bertoia sculpture for $50,000, well above estimate. And also late this morning at Sotheby's, at the "important 20th century design" auction: a set of used 70s silverware was estimated at $6000 to $8000. It sold for $50,000. But in stranger news, the market for Nakashima furniture seems to be a little off! Lots withdrawn! Low bids accepted! I smell anxiety about the economy on the horizon.

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dntsqzthchrmn (#2,893)

Didn't you feel it at about 5:30 this morning, that distinct distant shaking roaring sound like the boat's heading toward a

BadUncle (#153)

This is why I always go long on crafts.

gregorg (#30)

I was going to say it was because Nakashima doesn't go with Paul Evans, but there weren't that many of those, either. So yes with the heightened anxiety of the bonus-dependent classes.

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