Friday, June 1st, 2012

Sotheby's Grants Workers Tiny Concessions; Endless Strike Ends!

The ten-month lockout of workers at Sotheby's has ended with a new contract! It is not so dramatic, at all, and you really wonder for what the management was holding out?

The three-year deal, reached in the last week, boosts wages 1% in each year, lifts the starting salary to $18.50 an hour, and maintains the workers' benefits, according to Jason Ide, president of Teamsters Local 814, which represents the 42 workers. Sotheby's had sought to permanently replace some of the union art handlers with temporary nonunion workers, but the deal protects the positions as union jobs, Mr. Ide said.

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A lockout is not a strike.

laxerraire (#231,002)

@Brett Banditelli@facebook
Correct and an important distinction. The fact that the art handlers are finally going back to work makes the miserable night I spent at One Centre Street, after getting arrested for trespassing at Sotheby's, seem almost worth it.

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