Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Let's Send Charles Barron to Congress!

For the few who care about hilarity in Brooklyn politics, watching old Edolphus Towns give the finger to everyone by endorsing wonderful New York City councilman Charles Barron for his seat in the House of Representatives is just terrific—particularly as Ed Koch comes rolling out of his apartment to trash him. He's what Wall Street doesn't want! We've tried before, but now it's time to do this thing! Charles Barron for Congress!

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mishaps (#5,779)

I don't like Barron but if electing him would piss off Dov Hikind, Ed Koch, and Hakeem Jeffries, I am almost tempted to go volunteer for the campaign.

AntiCommunist (#234,733)

Growing up in Soviet Union made me very sensitive to anyone speeding Marxist ideas.

CB dresses like Stalin/Mao, talks like Lenin and hates Jews like a father of National Zocialism -short NaZi -Hitler. No wonder that the senior member of the Democratic Socialists of America – Ed Towns supports CB.

Communism is the hell. I know it from my personal experience. Just imagine a person like CH (Government) tells how much money you will receive, what kind of cloth you must wear, and where you will be leaving and working. He also will tell you when to laugh and whom to hate. And when to have sex too.

Think about and make your choices.

Legs Battaglia (#2,484)

I'll just leave this here

Astigmatism (#1,950)

@Legs Battaglia Are you saying that there's an economic populist who isn't a fabulous person deserving of our support? Impossible!

laxerraire (#231,002)

@Astigmatism Shocking, right? I still can't get over the fact that he is a Robert Mugabe and Moammar Ghadafi apologist.

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