Thursday, June 21st, 2012

A Poem By Corey Zeller

When they discovered the wheel they done the wrong thing with it

It is always that way with invention, these diagrams and charts, machines that look like the insides of hummingbirds. Sentences dye themselves colors we haven’t seen and dry themselves, on the rocks, in the sun, on their own. They look tacky, a kind of flea market of syntax and emphasis, undignified patterns, punctuation like early flying machines, the kind you peddle in. They are not a part of us. This is the long way of saying I never liked talking. I am searching for something else people can do inside these bleached headphones. I am bobbing my head to static. I cite myself in the white.

Corey Zeller’s Man vs. Sky is forthcoming from YesYes Books in February 2013. He is an associate editor at Mud Luscious Press.

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thematt (#222,196)

I love this, but surely "pedal"?

Limaceous (#2,392)

@thematt Or is it a play on flea market? And selling? (Authorial intent or accident? No, probably accident. But one that bends the line backward and connects up with beginning of the sentence and imbues the whole thing with a second layer of meaning.)

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