Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

What if Obama Does a Full-Reverse on Gay Marriage Today?

So maybe, just maybe, your Christian boyfriend president is going to abandon his values and do an about-face on gay marriage, in the wake of yesterday's disgusting North Carolina marriage vote. Won't you be so happy then, true believers? This is a thing I will be happy to be wrong about. Guess we'll see! It's all between him and his God now.

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Christian? I thought Barack Hussein Osama was a Muslin? I don't see any conflict between gay rights and Muslin values.

jolie (#16)

@TheHonJudgeSmails Muslin is fine, but don't get them started on their feelings about voile.

ejcsanfran (#489)

@jolie: Tulle little, tulle late.

@ejcsanfran Muslins strictly abide by a damask, datell policy.

@ejcsanfran Sorry to be late, but this is INCREDIBLY FUNNY.

jetztinberlin (#392)

Would I be a naive jackass if I said maybe, juuuust maybe, he might actually come out and be the smart nerdy ex-con-law professor guy who points out that it doesn't matter a fuck what his personal religious beliefs are, because WE ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE A SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IN THIS COUNTRY, and that means we shouldn't be legislating religious decisions? I mean the fact that we are so balled up in whether he personally, religiously, godly believes in it or not being, theoretically I mean, totally irrelevant?

Hahahaha I would, right? Yeah, I thought so. #livesingermany

flossy (#1,402)

Whatever happens, let's be sure to get our hopes up unrealistically high in advance and then be really angry with him when he doesn't do exactly what we fantasized he'd do.

In other words, CARRY ON

riggssm (#760)

Nice try, #232,115, but I'm not falling for your bait after yesterday's thread!

namedropper (#8,938)

Naw, he'll just compromise after he debates against himself for a while. Like he always does.

keisertroll (#1,117)

@namedropper That's how I settled on a civil union with my right hand.

@keisertroll You ever have dalliances with the left? Be honest.

You have to understand the politics at play.

1. He needs swing states, including North Carolina and Colorado, to win re-election.

2. The black community is overwhelmingly anti-same-sex marriage thanks to the messages they get at their churches. It is sad but it is true. And he needs the African-American vote too.

He has been having to do this dance because of these unpleasant political realities. Some call it a lack of principle and maybe it is. But if people stay home and refuse to vote because of it, what do you think Mitt Romney's going to do on same-sex marriage?

The White House has as much as come out and said Obama will be bolder on this issue in his second term.

But now, politics are in the way.

Just my two cents.

melis (#1,854)

@Trixie McGoodwell@facebook Why, wait a minute – this isn't the real Trixie McGoodwell@facebook at all! It's a cat in a wig! A cheap wig at that. WHERE DID YOU FIND THOSE TWO CENTS? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH TRIXIE?

"has as much as come out and said"

What the fuck does that even mean? Did they give you a glance that indicates that they will do this? Because they never actually said this.

cherrispryte (#444)

Wait, how is it possible to do an about-face when you've been pretty damn vague about your opinion in the first place?!

hockeymom (#143)

@cherrispryte Exactly this.

Hey, I think you guys missed class yesterday. You should probably borrow your neighbor's notes.

cherrispryte (#444)

@ReginalTSquirge I did miss yesterday! I stand corrected, then.

La Cieca (#1,110)

Bitter is not a good look for you, Choire.

For some reason I cannot reply to the very polite "Reginald" above, but feast your eyes:

Linette (#233,301)

I find it truly adorable that you think his official stance will be guided by his "beliefs," even if you are correct in your speculation that one automatically opposes gay marriage simply and only because one is a Christian.

His stance on gay marriage won't affect whether or not it becomes legal in each individual state, and in stating a strong support of gay marriage, he's effectively crippled himself for reelection and accomplished nothing for the cause of gay marriage in so doing.

But yeah, sure. He doesn't support it publicly because he's a Christian. That's it.

@jeevessays Good point. His support of same-sex marriage would be important symbolically and some might argue it could sway opinion on some states. But for practical purposes, it won't really mean anything since it's a matter for state legislatures to decide.

Linette (#233,301)

@Trixie McGoodwell@facebook That's right. I think it'd be really fun for all gay-marriage-supporting states should Obama come out for gay marriage. Parties in the streets! Historical precedence! Yada ya!

But then the conservative groups will make the message "Obama will make gay marriage happen" and even though Obama doesn't have that power, he'll have lost the election.

It'd be really lovely if he could just bust out and say he supports it, but I cannot see what it would accomplish besides giving all of us a warm fuzzy feeling for a few days. Promptly followed by a sickening feeling of realization that individual states used the statement as a goad to get their state legislatures to pass laws like North Carolina's. Whoopsies. I guess that moment of joy wasn't worth the cost, was it?

@jeevessays It is frustrating for me to see the people who are so disappointed in Obama and refuse to see the politics that are at play. People seem unable to think big-picture, long game, etc., or to understand that you have to mollify your enemies to get anything done. It is a major chess game at all times. The White House is often pretty good at the long game (not always). And I honestly believe Biden's remarks were completely orchestrated and part of a grander plan on this issue, one that will become clear in months to come.

Linette (#233,301)

@Trixie McGoodwell@facebook This should be prefaced by: I like you.

That said, relying on Biden's comments to ever mean anything is a very fancy game of Russian Roulette.

I do agree with you overall, though. I think they're playing the game as a whole, and coming out strong on an issue about which you have no personal power to do anything, and which will hurt everything else you CAN achieve, isn't noble or smart.

@jeevessays The whole Christian thing is bullshit. I actually believe the man is a closet atheist, though I have absolutely nothing to base that on.

@jeevessays Interesting, historic development!


Noted. But a "senior advisor" saying he "may get around to it now but definitely will later" and him actually getting around to it are two different things. Because… remember when he said he was going to close Guantanamo? Those words were said with his own mouth. There was a little ceremony and everything.

@ReginalTSquirge I cover the White House every day. They speak in code. This was significant. A second term will bring him a lot more freedom on 100 different issues, including this one. He'll have nothing to lose. But the trouble, as always, will be getting anything past Congress, as it has been since 2010 and even before then, when the Blue Dogs in his own party fought him on health-care reform.

La Cieca (#1,110)

Well, Chore, he heard you.

"…it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married."

Maxine (#1,795)

Well how about that.

La Cieca (#1,110)

"What if Obama Does a Full-Reverse on Gay Marriage Today?"

Then Choire will say, "Too little, too late?"

Just a guess.

I'm glad things are different from what I expected! It's nice to be pleasantly surprised!

I'm going to go ahead and stop being cynical for a second and just ENJOY this for now.

, (#196,079)

All you Sybil the Soothsayers now come across as real idiots. Which you are.

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