Monday, May 7th, 2012

Stupid Moon Gets Stupid Slideshow

You're dead to me, Talking Points Memo. I mean, I understand that all the action is in slideshows these days, but I cannot abide your celebration of the latest lunar idiocy. Good day.

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ColdFinger (#233,065)

So… I think I missed the beginnings of your feud with the moon. WHY DO YOU HATE IT???

TableNine (#1,104)

@ColdFinger The moon is fucking lazy. It doesn't even produce it's own light– it gets all the attention when all it does is reflect the light of a hardworking sun. Oh, once a month you get full and we need to make a big deal about it? Do you know who gets up bright an early every fucking morning, full as can be? The sun, that's who. Fuck you, moon.

ColdFinger (#233,065)

@TableNine Oh. [blank stare+two slow blinks] When you put it that way.
But but but: the tides!

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