Monday, May 14th, 2012

Science Is Going To Ruin Drinking

Everybody's trying to make anti-drinking pills! Or, at least, pills that drain the pleasure out of drinking. They are predicated on the idea of reducing harm to serious drinkers by reducing the potency of alcohol. Look, we joke a lot about alcoholism on this site, because it's much more simple to dismiss the whole thing with mockery rather than be forced to confront what is in actuality a remarkably crippling addiction, one whose physical and mental effects we are already beginning to notice in our own physiology, and also the persistent sense of shame and guilt over our inability to reduce the amount we consume no matter how many times we promise ourselves and others that we will do so, and the toll that our behavior, both drunk and sober—but always colored by having been or being about to become drunk—has taken on so many of our relationships, and the way we've hurt so many people who love us an easy laugh, but we guess if this helps out a few people who need it, okay. Anyway, it's 5 o'clock somewhere! We're off for a quick one.

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melis (#1,854)

oh my god
is balk the worst boyfriend in the world
is he mr evelyn everlady

is it negroni season

atipofthehat (#797)

A pill? A pill?

When it would be so much fun to burst into a crowded bro bar with a dartgun and BRING THE SOBER?!

blily (#1,411)

I've got a vodka ad on this page. Targeted? Or just generally a good bet for a Balk post?

Matt (#26)

Anti-Drinking Pill can cause liver damage do not take with alcohol.

when you started going on about crippling addiction my mind was all blahblahblahbalk and then I got all powerful thirsty and grabed myself a brew and *urp* turned on Father John Misty's fucking amazing Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings and thought in what can nly be properly construed as a drunken stupor about how Aubrey Plaza in the video looks so absolutely — man, I could use some Rye

C_Webb (#855)

Science keeps trying, yet we keep drinking.

KeithTalent (#2,014)

No "CRY FOR HELP" tag?

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