Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Meet Your New Food Magazine, "Graze"

The brand new Graze magazine, based out of Chicago and so far entirely supported by food events, has just published issue number one. You'll never take my subscription to Gastronomica but you definitely had me at "In search of Cambodia’s ancient stinky cheese"! Only $10 for the first issue!

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SkinnyNerd (#224,784)

Hell for ten dollars, I can eat the whole damn issue. Some mutton, [dis]comfort food (clever), Samoan, home alone (whatever that is), and I bet I can even find some ancient stinky cheese somewhere in my fridge for free. I will even have a couple of bucks left over to buy something to read. Ten dollars for Graze? More like [dis]Graze!

melis (#1,854)

@SkinnyNerd You know what they say, never trust a skinny commenter.

jfruh (#713)

My Mutton? My Mutton Seems So Delicious But I'm Also Scared About My Mutton

hockeymom (#143)

@jfruh Mutton, Mutton, Who's Got The Mutton!

iantenna (#5,160)

i'm not gonna pay $10 for some shit that has multiple facts wrong in the title of their very first goddamned article. it's not in eureka, it's in samoa. and it's not remotely samoan unless we're talking about the nationality of one of the fry cooks.

Brunhilde (#1,225)

@iantenna You beat me to it. It is the best place in the world to go when you want to eat a boatload of fried chicken and roast beef. And you don't mind the paper mill smell.

collier (#13,548)

"In Search of Cambodia’s Ancient Stinky Cheese" immediately made me think of a National Geographic cover story.

Actually, that would make a fantaaaastic NatGeo cover story. Just imagine the lovely charts and pull-out maps! With the icon markers for important locations rendered as tiny wedges of swiss! Maybe it could be scratch 'n' sniff.

stuffisthings (#1,352)

I wonder how this will affect sales of my new urban redevelopment magazine, "Raze."

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