Monday, May 7th, 2012

Cat Being Fat In Heaven Now

"We were in a race against time to get the weight off Meow before he developed complications from his obesity, and we lost."
—Sad news out of Santa Fe: Meow the cat has died. He was two years old, and rather overweight.


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hockeymom (#143)

Oh no, where is Choire!

MParcells (#375)

And our national obesity nightmare continues. . .

roboloki (#1,724)

morbidly obese isn't a term we use just because it's cute.

Jane Hu (#5,833)

@roboloki Why do we find this cute?! This is really sad.

roboloki (#1,724)

@Jane Hu my point exactly. morbid obesity is never cute.

dado (#102)

Heaven? Everyone knows that only dogs have souls, not cats.

hman (#53)

There better be some extra-wide Purrly Gates in the sky.

sox (#652)

You're just warming up for Summer of Death 2012, aren't you Alex? Well, you can stop it right now, sir.

If they were racing against time, couldn't they lypo a good bit of the fat out?

Clip Arthur (#2,024)

R.I.P. You died doing what you loved. Being a fat cat.

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